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Bitter Root Electrolysis

Bitter Root Electrolysis

Bitter Root Electrolysis has been in business for the past 10 years, providing a safe, independent, and trustworthy environment for hair removal treatment. Martha is a licensed and experienced professional offering electrolysis services for men and women who want to get rid of unwanted hair. Bitter Root Electrolysis is an independent hair removal center rather than being part of a salon and provides non-laser treatments for permanent hair removal. This gives the customers a private and relaxing place to receive their electrolysis treatments.

Come In For A FULL Consultation

Martha offers free consultations to each new patient as well as several other modalities and currents. In a consultation, she will go over the entire treatment process so that you can be informed and knowledgeable about the procedure. Martha keeps a treatment history so that you can track your progress along the way and you will receive skin care instructions for both before and after your treatments, letting you maintain healthy, glowing skin. This unique routine will leave you feeling perfectly pampered while in a very private setting.

Martha’s professional journey began after her youngest child graduated high school. She had always wanted to open her own business and this was the perfect time. She was ready to jump in and give her business and clients her full attention and dedication. When making the decision to open a new business, electrolysis came as a natural choice.

She had personally gotten the treatment in the past and wanted to spread the happiness she felt afterwards to the people around her. There was a need for her services and Bitter Root Electrolysis has come to fill it. Martha feels like electrolysis treatment for hair removal is the only truly permanent solution and wants to help her customers feel their best at all times.

Woman Showing Smooth Skin After Hair Removal
Visit our location today and see what we can do for your hair removal needs. To schedule a free personal consultation, call 406-381-3184 today!